WidgetLockerCustomize your lockscreen

WidgetLocker is a highly customizable lock screen replacement that lets you place widgets, application shortcuts, and custom sliders on your lock screen.

  • Custom Sliders

    Setup shortcuts in your own custom sliders. Any app or system shortcut can be placed on a slider. Never miss a photo again with slide-for-camera.

  • User Themes

    WidgetLocker's user theming system allows the community to create their own slider themes. The themes are a simple format, images in a zip file, encouraging artists, not just developers, to create and share their masterpieces. Check out the collection over at XDA Developers.

  • Widgets

    Widgets are one of the best things about Android. And WidgetLocker brings those to the screen you see everytime you wake up your phone. You can use standard Android widgets with WidgetLocker, such as Beautiful Widgets or the scrollable Pure Messenger Widget. There's also Widgets that are especially tuned for the lock screen, such as Phantom Music Control, Missed It!, OwnerInfo Widget or ICE by Serra-Apps

  • Control

    WidgetLocker gives you control. Every user uses their phone differently and the lock screen should respect that. Some popular settings are:
    - Easy Wake Mode - Allow hardware buttons (Such as the volume keys) to wake the device
    - Allow volume buttons at the lock screen - either just for music or for ringer and music
    - Expand notification bar while locked
    - Custom screen lock/unlock sounds
    - Block popups from other apps
    - Tasker integration (Check the 3rd party tab in Tasker)


Purchasing or Market issues

I'm having issues with the Google Android Market?

You are not alone. The Android Market will not report errors and can be very confusing. The Android Market is fully run by Google and they are responsible for charges, downloads, authorization, etc.

Google's Android Market Support

Specifically Android Market Download Issues

If you need to contact me about something please include your Google Checkout Order number as I cannot look up orders by email address.


Why do my widgets disappear sometimes after a reboot?

This is not a bug in WidgetLocker but a bug in the system software. I've submitted patches to try to get this fixed in Android proper, but even if accepted it will take some time to reach all devices. CyanogenMod 7.1 includes my patch so it should not be an issue on that rom or roms based off it. WidgetLocker 2.2+ makes it easier to restore widgets when they are lost, however it still does require some manual intervention due to Android's "security" around widgets.

I'm using a Galaxy S2 and the Home button unlocks WidgetLocker

The Samsung Galaxy S2 behaves different than other devices. I'm looking into a better fix for the Home button on this device, but in the mean time as a work around you can:
Enable Settings > Advanced > HomeHelper:
HomeHelper Component

Then check the Default checkbox and select WL HomeHelper as the default

I keep getting prompted for my default Home (Rooted Galaxy S2)

Can you try:

Open SuperUser and delete the entry for WidgetLocker.
Open WidgetLocker, or wait for it to load on boot.
Click Allow when SuperUser prompts.

And if that doesn't work
Disable WL Settings > Root Helper > HomeHelper via Root

Why is my notification bar disabled even though I don't have that setting enabled?

One of two reasons:
The Block Power Dialog option unfortunately also blocks expanding of the notification bar. The Settings help will be updated in the future to explain this.
System security (pin/pattern/password) locks the notification bar itself, this is independent of WidgetLocker

Battery Usage?

WidgetLocker is light on the battery. You can check this in Settings > Battery Usage which brings up your system's battery usage report.

I have enabled Easy Wake Mode but it does not work on my device

Not all devices support Easy Wake Mode. This may be due to the hardware, the kernel or the ROM. Unfortunately this cannot be changed by an app.

The Sense3 slider is too sensitive, sometimes I can tap an icon to activate it without dragging it

Looking into this.

I cannot uncheck the Label Shortcuts option

Looking into this

Can I use WidgetLocker with a security lockscreen?

Yes, but it depends on your configuration. Some devices force their own slider, before the security slider. This means WidgetLocker, then system slider, then system security. Generally Samsung and HTC devices don't have this issue, and other devices don't have this issue when using Pattern security rather than PIN or Password. WidgetLocker includes a work around for root users to "auto-swipe" the system slider.

Will WidgetLocker bypass the security lockscreen?

No. If you try to open an app from WidgetLocker and your phone requires security entry you will still need to do that. If you believe something is bypassing the security on your device it is most likely a delay by your system/rom (HTC is System Settings > Security > Lock phone after, Motorola is System Settings > Location & Security > Security lock timer).

Version History

WidgetLocker 2.2.4 April 18, 2012

  • NewICS slider now can hold up to 8 actions
  • NewSense3 slider now can hold up to 6 actions + unlock
  • NewRoot option to hide ICS Nav bar buttons
  • FixedMany fixes and optimizations

WidgetLocker 2.2.3 November 23, 2011

  • Fixed Issues introduced with WL 2.2.2 related to system security
  • Fixed Other misc issues
  • Translations Updated

WidgetLocker 2.2.2 November 18, 2011

  • New Support for Kindle Fire (Requires root)
  • Fixed Workaround show-in-call bug on MIUI roms
  • Fixed Improved wallpaper cropping quality
  • Fixed Battery level on fling
  • Fixed Show labels
  • Fixed Memory leak in clock widget
  • Fixed FCs
  • Translations Updated

WidgetLocker 2.2.1 October 25, 2011

  • Fixed com.teslacoilsw... bug on some devices
  • Fixed Other small fixes

WidgetLocker 2.2 October 25, 2011

  • New Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb and Sense3 Sliders
  • New Customizable Clock
  • New Tablet Optimizations, Hardware Acceleration
  • New Improved Preferences and Slider Setup interfaces
  • New User selectable app shortcut icons
  • Fixed Moto OTA Battery Usage
  • Fixed Keyboard focus bug
  • Fixed Ice Cream Sandwich Compatibility
  • Fixed Unlock-With-WiFi Compatibility

WidgetLocker 2.1.0 May 24, 2011

  • New More options for Root users
  • New MIUI-like Slider
  • New Clock on Sense slider is optional
  • New Center button on rotary slider (pull down)
  • New Allow editing of existing sliders (From resize mode)
  • New Auto-update for Direct-Purchase (non-Market) users
  • Fixed Much better wallpaper cropping
  • Fixed Option to only allow Volume buttons while music is playing
  • Fixed Atrix Fingerprint scanner fixes
  • Fixed General fixes and optimizations
  • 3rd Party WaveLauncher integration
  • 3rd Party Unlock-with-Wifi integration

WidgetLocker 2.0.2 Mar 10, 2011

  • Fixed Fixed FC. Needed for Market users only

WidgetLocker 2.0.1 Mar 10, 2011

  • 3rd Party Atrix Fingerprint scanner support
  • 3rd Party ClutchPad integration
  • Fixed Accidental Easy Wake on some HTC devices
  • Fixed Alarm conflict with myTouch 4G
  • Fixed Camcorder slider on some devices
  • Improved Motorola Pattern unlock handling
  • Translations Czech
  • Fixed FCs and other misc annoyances

WidgetLocker 2.0.0 Feb 24, 2011

Major update, adds tons of new features, including users themes and resizable widgets

  • New Faster, better, smoother
  • New User Themes
  • New Resizable Widgets and Sliders
  • New Custom grid size
  • New Custom sliders of any style (or theme)
  • New Notification Badges via ADWNotifier
  • New User selectable icons for sliders
  • New Charging/alarm status widget
  • New Improved Landscape
  • Optimized Gingerbread
  • Fixed Many small fixes


Part of the power of WidgetLocker is that it lets you customize it however you want. But here are some recommendations to help you get started

  • Phantom Music Control

    Simple self-hiding music control widget designed for WidgetLocker Lockscreen. Widely supported music control widget capable of hiding itself while there is no track playing.

  • Missed It!

    Get information about the number of missed calls, unread SMS, unread Gmail messages and notifications from virtually any application a glance with this simple yet very util widget. You can use it with any lockscreen replacement app to access all this information without need to unlock your phone.

  • TeslaLED Flashlight

    Also from TeslaCoil Software, TeslaLED Flashlight uses your camera's LED flash as a flashlight. TeslaLED can be invoked directly from the lock screen by adding a custom slider with the "TeslaLED" action, or by using one of the many widgets available with TeslaLED.

  • OwnerInfo Widget

    With OwnerInfo widget you offer let the person, who finds the lost phone, an easy way to return it to you. Another important use is to inform people how they can help you if you appear in unconscious state due to disease or accident. You can include basic medical and treatment information to the scope of information that you provide to other people.

  • ICE by Sera-Apps

    In Case of Emergency
    ICE is designed to be a great help in case of emergency. The first helper is able to see who to call and which person he deals with in only a few clicks.

  • TypoClock

    TypoClock is a clock widget inspired by the beauty of text. Shows date and time in a neatly formatted block (4x2 Widget) with options for custom color, 12/24h and more.

  • Android Central Wallpaper

    As featured in WidgetLocker screenshots, the Android Central wallpaper is stylish. Available in both dark and light variants

  • Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpapers

    As featured in WidgetLocker screenshots, the Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers are beautiful


WidgetLocker provides a few broadcasts to help third-party developers interact with WidgetLocker.

  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.intent.LOCKED Broadcasted sometime after SCREEN_OFF when WidgetLocker is activated
  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.intent.UNLOCKED Broadcasted when the user unlocks via slider or button. Note that users may exist WidgetLocker without unlocking, this is okay
  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.intent.HIDDEN Broadcasted when the user switches to another app without unlocking. The user may return to WidgetLocker (Back button) or may not (Home button)

Additionally WidgetLocker can be controlled by third party applications with the following Service intents (via startService)

  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.ENABLE
  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.DISABLE
  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.SUSPEND
  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.RESUME

They act as expected. Note that suspend is considered temporary (WidgetLocker remains running and would resume after a reboot) and disable is considered the same as the user disabling WidgetLocker from settings

And finally these intents via startActivity

  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.ACTIVATE
  • com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker.UNLOCK